Sabertooth Swordsman 2nd Edition – Dark Horse Comics

After a successful sold out first printing, Dark Horse Comics is collecting a new edition of the over-the-top-madcap-fantasy-adventure-comedy, Sabertooth Swordsman and The Mayhem of The Malevolent Mastodon Mathematician! (Winner of the 2014 Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award for Aaron Conley’s intensely intricate artwork!)

“There’s awesome and then whatever level is above that… that’s where SABERTOOTH SWORDSMAN lives. Such a fun comic.” — Skottie Young (I Hate Fairyland)

Sabertooth Swordsman cover by Aaron Conley, colors by Joseph Bergin III.

“Sabertooth Swordsman is f*cking awesome!” – John Arcudi (Rumble)

Aaron and I spent several years pitching and forging and crying blood tears and co-creating our debut black & white graphic novel and we’re very proud of the positive feedback it’s received, and hopefully it’ll reach an even larger audience with this new edition featuring 32 new color pages of short stories and art, in preparation for the ambitious sequel we’re working on!

“Snagged the SABERTOOTH SWORDSMAN hardcover by Damon Gentry & Aaron Conley; hilarious, jawdropping, wholly badass work.” —Adam Warren (Empowered)

RIYL: Fans of the wild and weird and fantastical—such as Brandon Graham’s Prophet, Rangel Jr. & Ziritt’s Space Riders, Jeff Smith’s Bone, Andrew Maclean’s Headlopper, Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit, works of Moebius, Heavy Metal Magazine, old school video games, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—will pop a cork for Sabertooth Swordsman!

“Sabertooth Swordsman is the most exciting graphic novel I’ve seen in a long loooong time. An absolute masterpiece that is thrillingly original and alive with kinetic energy! Damon and Aaron should be instant superstars!”— Mike Allred (Madman)

Click here for an 11 page preview on Comics Alliance.


“Sabertooth Swordsman is an amazingly fun exciting & fresh comic by Damon Gentry & Aaron Conley.” – David Petersen (Mouseguard)

“One of the coolest hauls from ECCC is a book called SABERTOOTH SWORDSMAN from Dark Horse. The art by Aaron Conley is insane. Love this stuff.” – Ryan Ottley (Invincible)

“A meeting of two creative sensibilities that brings to mind the classic Miller/Darrow combo, but with a freewheelin’ psychedelic kung-fu kink.” — Jamie S. Rich (LadyKiller)

Sabertooth Swordsman is the greatest work of human expression AT LEAST in the last 10,000 years, including all holy texts.” – Buster Moody (Task Force Rad Squad)

“I’m really excited about the work Damon and Aaron are doing. Sabertooth Swordsman is fantastic comics. It’s the kind of work I hope to find when I go into a comic shop.”—Brandon Graham (Prophet)

“Every now and then a comic knocks you on your ASS. Sabertooth Swordsman did just that…ASTOUNDING. ASTOUNDING.” – Jason Wood (11 O’Clock Comics Podcast)


New Ish

Aaron Conley contributed a page of art to the booklet of the new Ghostface Killah album!

ain’t nuthing to f’ wit

Aaron has this pin-up (colored by Logan Faerber) in the new Madman In Your Face 3D Special.

Madman by Aaron Conley & Logan Faerber

Aaron drew this variant cover for Nick Marino & Daniel Arruda Massa’s Holy F*ck #1.

Holy F*ck #1 by Nick Marino & Daniel Arruda Massa, variant cover by Aaron Conley.

And Damon Gentry did a fake-movie poster pin-up for the new issue of Alex de Campi’s Grindhouse.

Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #1 by Alex de Campi & R.M. Guéra

Here You Go!

The Sabertooth Swordsman graphic novel came out from Dark Horse Comics almost a year ago, if you haven’t had a chance to read it, then allow me to present you with this complimentary PDF, which I was sending around to retailers and reviewers last year. Share this with all your closest enemies, and of course, consider using your freedom of choice to buy the book in digital or hardcover! The hardcover will be going into a second printing.

Sabertooth Swordsman PDF

Did I mention this book won Aaron Conley the vaunted Russ Manning Award for grizzled newcomer or something like that? Aaron and I are currently working hard-ly on Book 2, Sabertooth Swordsman in the Lethiferous Labyrinth of Lost Lives, and other smaller projects.

Upcoming Conventionsss

Damon Gentry will be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland at table F-05 with Sandra Lanz & Joseph Bergin III. Also at Tacoma’s Jet City Con in November tabling with Matthew Southworth.

Aaron Conley will be at SPX near Washington D.C. at the Out Of Step Arts table. Also he’ll be tabling with friends at New York Comic Con in October.

We’ll both be at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle next March.

Also, the first printing of the Sabertooth Swordsman hardcover is almost sold out, SO THAT’S SOMETHING. We’ll be doing a second print run.

And here’s a new cover song I did.

Damon Sings The Hits, Volume 1

Damon Sings The Hits is a revolutionary new approach to cover songs, utilizing patented state-of-the-art ‘Singing Damon’ technology. This handsome Collector’s Edition set of mp3s recorded in the lo-fi folk music tradition features stunning original cover art by Amy Clare (a.k.a. Amika). Accompanied by metal-head David Roby on “New Drink For The Old Drunk.”

Covers of Bruce Springsteen, Crooked Fingers, Lorde, Tom Petty, America, Leo Sayer, Elton John, John Denver, Morrissey, and lots of The Magnetic Fields.

Original albums by Damon & David as Dance The Bridge found here.

Download: Damon P. Gentry – Damon Sings The Hits, Volume 1. (Cover: Amy Clare)

Henry & Glenn + Sakai Project + Dark Engine

There’s a 5 page Matt Allison & Aaron Conley collaboration in the new Henry & Glenn trade paperback out this week, also Aaron has an Usagi Yojimbo/Sabertooth Swordsman pin-up colored by Marissa Louise in The Sakai Project which also drops this week. And Dark Engine #1 came out last week featuring a pin-up by me. That’s all the news that’s combustible. Don’t light a match!

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever
The Sakai Project: Artists Celebrate Thirty Years of Usagi Yojimbo
Dark Engine #1

Eerie #5

Issue #5 of the Eerie horror anthology came out this week, it’s got a 10 page story by John Arcudi and Aaron Conley, and “Monster Gallery” pinup by me!

Eerie #5

Damon Gentry & Aaron Conley