The Flash Covered, Inks

Posted By Damon on January 27, 2010

Aaron’s done another cover for the always fun Covered blog, I thought I’d post the inks as a preview. I’m also working on what will be my first submission to Covered.

A HUGE shout out to one amazing Mr. Warren Ellis, who in his righteous magnanimity and general awesomeness, posted a link to invademyprivacy on his blog! NO LIE! So, yeah, pretty excited about that.

Please excuse the lull in content the past couple weeks, we are hard at work preparing for an appearance at the upcoming Mega Convention here in Flo’da, where we’ll have printed sample booklets and invademyprivacy stickers to hand out, and we plan to print up some cool T-shirts as well to put a nice little merch package together and send to anyone who kindly donates monies to our website/art crusade. Also, more comics to come, as we continue forward with more installments of The Sarcomere Carruthers Show and The Sabertooth Swordsman!

Aaron Conley - The Flash #177 Covered


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