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Posted By Damon on January 9, 2011

Heyo! Welcome to another pulse-pounding new year filled with brand goodness! We’ve got some exciting things lined up, coming down the pipes to shoot out violently from this website through your browser directly into your entertainment enjoyment receptacles! I wish we could cut out the middleman but that would likely make it illegal in most provinces, and harder to clean up after.

NEWSFLASH: Better late than never! Dance The BridgeOminous Frolic is now available on iTunes! Click the button!

Ominous Frolic - Dance the Bridge

Dance The Bridge - Ominous Frolic

Dance The Bridge - Ominous Frolic

If you have downloaded it freely from this website and enjoyed our efforts producing Ominous Frolic, please also feel free to rate or review the album on iTunes correlating to your levels of appreciating the music contained therein.

NEWSFLASHDavid Roby and I are working hard on a brand new Dance The Bridge 7 song EP for 2011, it’s very close to being fully recorded, so look for Let’s Get This Boat Show On The Road EP sometime in the next couple months! It is really sounding incredible, I can’t wait to get it out.

NEWSFLASH: I’m out of public newsflashes but good things come in threes so I’ll go ahead and reserve this slot. Oh yeah, no wait, here’s something fun. From the archives, I recorded this cover of an old folk song called 500 Miles (based on the painfully breathtaking The Journeymen‘s version) a few years back when I was trying to learn guitar and how to record, and it’s one of very few of my demo tracks from that era that still sounds pretty good to me. Enjoy.

Damon Gentry - 500 Miles (Hedy West)

Plenty more down-loadable mp3s located right here on the Dance The Bridge page.


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