Sabertoot Swervesman #4

Damon | June 26, 2013

Okey dokey, we are officially over the halfway hump on this shindig, only two more weekly issues left. This Sabertooth Swordsman cover is by me, and in the back of this issue you will see the brain-debilitating explosion of drawsome that is Simon Roy’s cover for issue #5! If you are still having trouble buying [...]


Sabertoof Sword Man #3

Damon | June 21, 2013

The 3rd (of 6) weekly installment of Sabertooth Swordsman is out, mostly. I think you can get it on the DH website, but the Dark Horse Digital app through iTunes is still pending approval for the issue, which is totally James Dean of iTunes not to care about release schedules on debut graphic novels. iTunes [...]


Sabertooth Swordsman #2

Damon | June 12, 2013

Sabertooth Swordsman #2 (of 6) is out on Dark Horse Digital today. These are weekly drops so #3 will be out next Wednesday. Hardcover on shelves October 16th!


It’s 99 Cents Make With The Buying Already

Damon | June 6, 2013

This Wednesday saw the digital release of chapter 1 of 6 of our Sabertooth Swordsman graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics, something Aaron Conley and Damon Myself have been slaving over the last few years. The digital issues are super cheap at 99 cents a piece and will have exclusive color covers by Matt Allison, [...]


Sabertooth Swordsman Chapter #1 from Dark Horse Comics

Damon | June 5, 2013

I’ll post more later but real quick, just want to leave this here. It’s a comic book. By Aaron Conley & Damon Gentry.


Aaron’s FCBD ’13 Mega Sketch Dump

Damon | May 29, 2013

Here is a metric ass-ton of sketches Aaron Conley did in-store for Free Comic Book Day recently. A metric ass-ton is exactly the number 16. NEXT WEEK: BIG NEWS!


It Girl & The Atomics Round 1 Out Today!

Damon | March 27, 2013

This super fun trade collecting the first 6 issues of It Girl is out today, it features a cover by Aaron Conley, colored by Laura Allred, pick it up!


It Girl #8 w/ Aaron Conley Cover Out Tomorrow!

Damon | March 19, 2013

The new issue of It Girl & The Atomics by Jamie S. Rich and Mike Norton, well it has an Aaron Conley cover, and it’s out tomorrow, pick it up! People like art process stuff right? That’s a thing? Here’s a look at Aaron’s pencils followed by Mike Allred‘s inks (the finished piece is colored [...]


Wolverine by Aaron

Damon | January 25, 2013

An awesome Wolverine drawing for somebody, by Aaron Conley, on one of those blank variant covers that Marvel puts out. Why the hell do they do those blank variants, anyway? What is that all about? I don’t understand this world we live in.


Allison/Allred/Conley DenverCon Jam

Damon | December 26, 2012

Hello! Happy Holiday! Here is a convention sketch collaboration between Matt Allison, Mike Allred, & Aaron Conley of characters they created that was done when we were all at DenverCon 2012. I have surreptitiously applied some gray toning, after the fact—NO ONE COULD STOP ME