For How Did This Get Made? featured in episode 215.5

The soundtrack single from the comic book VINEGAR TEETH!

Hello won’t you enjoy this delightful xmas song.

Or this wondrous video set to the music.

Dance The Bridge albums are written and recorded by Damon Gentry & David Roby. Listen below or check it out in places like iTunes and Spotify.

Download: Dance The Bridge – Let’s Get This Boat Show On The Road EP, 2011. (Photo: Cory Gilbert)
Download: Dance The Bridge – Ominous Frolic, 2010. (Cover: Damon Gentry)
Download: Dance The Bridge – Death Rears Its Fully Metal Head EP, 2008. (Cover: Damon Gentry)

Damon Sings The Hits is a revolutionary new approach to cover songs, utilizing patented state-of-the-art ‘Singing Damon’ technology. This handsome Collector’s Edition set of mp3s recorded in the lo-fi folk music tradition features stunning original cover art by Amy Clare (a.k.a. Amika). Accompanied by metal-head David Roby on “New Drink For The Old Drunk.”

Download: Damon P. Gentry – Damon Sings The Hits, Volume 1, 2014. (Cover: Amy Clare)

Damon Gentry