Share That Nice Daydream

The soundtrack single from the comic book VINEGAR TEETH!

Now considered a somewhat obscure golden oldie, “Share That Nice Daydream” was the only hit for pastoral pop-folk recording artist Colorado Jonesy. It fell off the pop charts the week after its #59 debut. A decade later, the song was resurrected to prominence in a series of successful television advertisements for “Dream Whiff” brand deodorant, then quickly forgotten once again. Colorado Jonesy released highly un-acclaimed folk albums–obsessively praising Mother Nature–every year until his death in 1987. He died doing what he loved, hi-speed stunt speedboat racing with no regard for safety regulations.

Vinegar Teeth is a new series from Troy Nixey & Damon Gentry. Issue #2 is out this week, Feb. 21! Details: